Friday, 6 September 2013

First Day (*_*)

Finally started school today, and this year we have a complete block schedule complete with random chunks of advisory and homeroom and academic prep classes.

The Mandarin classroom went from the second to third floor, but the view is great if you steal the window seat (^ω^)

School goes from 7:45 to 3:30 or longer depending on the day of the week, but it's still so long (´・д・`)

For bio HL we have to spend 80 hours in the lab :0 that's like two weeks of 9-5 work in a lab.

Apparently the school handbook was updated, and we technically aren't allowed to wear shoe colors that aren't black, blue, or brown. Most of the teachers obviously don't care, but some teachers start checking students' socks. They must think the day is too long (´・_・`)

Back to history study.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

_(:з」∠)_ Summer's Over.

There just wasn't much to write about this summer :O All I did was SAT classes. Didn't go anywhere especially far because we already went during Spring Break ^^;

Actually, besides the SAT classes I made sure I wasn't going to be toiling at home bored.

I started Shingeki no Kyojin soon after school was out, and now I'm faithfully watching every new episode on Crunchyroll on Saturdays at 5:00. XD It usually comes out at 4:00 but I regret trying that because every other person on Crunchyroll is watching that same video and the whole thing just gets pixellated. Even the voices get really high.

I spent a bit of time reading Kuroko no Basket novels. Not manga, novels. All words. The author works on them, so I thought "why not" and turns out they're more interesting than I expected XD

Remember the time when I got a bass? Yeah me neither.

I started playing during February or so because a friend of mine finally sent me the band score to Stairway Generation and Samurai Heart. After that I got so bored without any actual sheets. But then this Korean dude gave me a ton of SPYAIR tabs  ヽ(•‿•)ノ

This summer I've still been listening to a lot of SPYAIR :D They did the theme song to the second Gintama movie (Genjou Destruction) and recently released their third album MILLION. Haven't been able to get it yet but I'm hoping I'll have it by October? >_>

September's looking to be a pretty good month :D Except for the fact that school starts September 3rd. At least it's one week later than everyone else (✌゚∀゚)

Kuroko no Basket Season Twoooooo starts September (apparently). If not September, then October.

My birthdayyyyy is on the 9th ^o^ Speaking of which I finally found an anime chara with the same birthday XD This guy from Kuroko no Basket. Sakurai Ryou.

It's hard for others to comprehend how excited I am for a new book of SPYAIR band scores that's coming out on the 14th. ehehehe ^^;;


I wonder if Jules and Sonya are going to update DDB soon. Come back you guysssss
Oh and Jules, remember when I had really long side bangs? Well, since then I've already changed my hairstyle twice XD Once in Taiwan and once this summer.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Just finished my last final exam for physics today, and the year's over ._. I don't even have to go to school tomorrow since it's 8th period and make-up exams.

I hear most people just started finals though :D Good luck!

July 8th seems a long way from now. I wonder how much they curve AP scores. -.-;

SAT classes start next week already. But it's only because my classes are only 3 days a week. The rest is up to me to study at home ^^;

The more I think about it, the weirder our school gets. This one girl last year wanted to be a celebrity really badly. She sings covers of various artists, and apparently she got a Gold VIP ticket to a Justin Bieber concert for $1000. I'm not kidding O_o; Two years ago there was an international student who was so rich, he booked a private 4-person jet and flew to Las Vegas................. This other international student was meeting with the director about his tuition, but he whipped out his checkbook and was all, "I'll pay the tuition for three more students. How much do you want?" and the director was just... dazed.

Oh god.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Haven't written anything and it's like...

"Woah! 10,000 pageviews!" That I didn't really deserve for the past few months DX m(_ _)m Thank you

A lot of my photos from spring break wouldn't upload correctly so I couldn't really post anything about it............................... *wrinkles forehead*

At least my photos from yesterday will work. Yesterday the whole school was prepping for the Art Stroll! Which is this school festival thingy that displays all the art student artwork as well as band, song, and dance performances. There were some Chinese songs, and then came the K-Pop, and then someone sang Taylor Swift's Love Story. This guy who's completely devoted to Taylor Swift happened to be working with me selling food tickets and all, but he stuffed the money into my hands and rushed over to watch the performances -_-

There was a chalk art area where you could innocently vandalize the ground.

Event logo and school logo.

 Korea? ^^; The one on the right wrote "あなたがいれば私は何でも出来る" which means "As long as you're there, I can do anything." And so my friend was all "ooooh I wonder who wrote this" but it turns out that this Korean dude wrote it so she said "........Nevermind" and walked away XD

Oh yes, you know your school is quite Asian when you see Gintamas and Companion Cubes on the ground.

This made me laugh out of confusion. A swastika that says "China is the best" right below it *facepalm*

"Shingeki no Pandaaaaaaaaa" :D My friend who's obsessed with Attack on Titan had me write it in.

Aaaand we've also got some otakus around. O.o

I guess these are the benefits of a small school. *shrug* It's nice when you know everyone around the school.

Jules: Do you happen to know Justin (Junyoung) Lee and all the other Korean dudes that live in William Choi's house? ^^; Or Elena (?)

There are a lot of Koreans around school, but there will always be more Chinese students. Japan should send more of its kids over here :\

I'm getting my braces off next month. I don't have much feeling for this though XD

Sunday, 19 May 2013


It's one of those moments when you think you have a lot to say but you blank out when you start.

After the AP Euro tests I saw so many Facebook posts of relief ^^; The multiple choice questions were hard this year, especially because it focused more on social life. The one on an English gentleman saying that daughters won't earn money because of the dowries was just unexpected. I guess everything else was okay though.... hm.

During this time I've been gone I also watched/read Kuroko no Basket because Gintama mysteriously stopped airing and the manga disappeared......... It's another sports anime, but this time not tennis but basketball. Prince of Tennis is getting quite out of hand with its plays recently. Rallying until the net bursts into flames? To who does the point go to then? I think that's it for the anime section of my updates XD

Hmm... I tried and bought several shirts without actually buttoning up the buttons. I didn't think I'd be too fat enough to have trouble with them anyways (excuses for being careless). But later I wore them and realized by the buttons that the shirts were for men. ^^; For those of you who rarely wear shirts the women's buttons are always on the left while the men's are always on the right side. Curiously I went and found out that its because long ago most men were right-handed and would dress themselves. On the other hand, wealthy women had maids to dress them, so the buttons were made so that the maids wouldn't have too much trouble. That's enough history for me today.